DIY GoPro Battery Powered Tripod April 2017

by on Apr.27, 2017, under Creativity, DIY, Family, Film making


Just a quick post to show the “rig” I put together for my daughter that wanted to use my GoPro for some Selfie stuff and time-lapse. She needed to be able to see herself using her iPhone and the GoPro app plus some extra juice to power the GoPro past 2 hours.

So using existing GoPro gear I had PLUS a small power bank, I created something in about 30mins – see below. Should be easy for her to place on any table and just run it. 

Click on the images for a larger view. 


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Replaced my GoPro lens 5-8-16

by on May.08, 2016, under DIY, Photography, Video


Finally got around to replacing my GoPro lens on my Hero3+. If you don’t remember, I managed to scratch it while using it to film from a RC car. See post here.

I tried to buff out the scratch using some very ultra fine sandpaper (3000 grit), followed by some toothpaste and finally cleaned it up with come alcohol but no joy. I ended up getting some JJ Abrams lens flares so I jumped online and purchased a replacement lens. Only $20.

Below are the before and after photos (after I replaced the lens) and then below that are the galleries.


Below are the repair pics if you want to view. Wasn’t as hard as I thought. First removed lens ring, unscrewed lens, removed gasket, then unscrewed lens. After replacing the lens, I had to hook it up to my TV and focus the lens. Once I did that, I snapped the lens ring back on and we’re back in business.

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My first test with GoPro on RC car

by on Mar.12, 2016, under Creativity, DIY

Rustler_RC_Car_800X600My good buddy John let me borrow his really nice RC car. I’ve always wanted to mount my GoPro on it. Not a new thing but I’ve never done it. So during Spring Break 2016, I thought I’d try.

I have a whole long list of shots I wanted to try but I got excited and just slapped my GoPro on it and took it for a spin. I should’ve been more cautious.

Oh well, something else to do during my Spring Break. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on my progress.


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Testing out the GoPro on some Volleyball players

by on Sep.25, 2013, under BSS Highlight reels, Creativity, Film making, Sports

003-G-Facing_CameraMost of you know that I’m a bit of a videographer.

This is “probably” my last year filming all of the sports for Blessed Sacrament Catholic School sports banquet since my daughter Emmy, will be graduating from 8th grade this year and going to high school.

“High school?! Really?!”

So I wanted to try something new. I got my trusty GoPro Hero 2 camera out and used the head mount to put it on the players while they were warming up. There is no way coaches or refs would let them wear it during game play but my job as a videographer is to get “a different perspective” when filming. So I’m trying this POV (Point of View). That’s my big ‘ol mug up there adjusting the camera while it’s on a player.

Pretty interesting. I posted some quick examples below.

Plus here are some pictures pulled from the video – click on the images for a larger view.




Just amazes me how these players have to deal with lights and stuff.

Anyways, just trying to “mix it up” for next year’s Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Sports Banquet.

Oh yeah…its not until May of 2014. Sigh.




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GoPro Car Test mounts – inside and out

by on Aug.15, 2013, under Creativity, DIY, Movies, Video

IMG_3905I’d forgotten that Fernando and I had  shot some GoPro footage back around July 7th.

We  wanted to just test the capabilities of mounting the GoPro cameras in different positions, inside and outside of both cars. The lead yellow car and my chase truck.

Check out the video and below it, you’ll see how I DIY’d me a bumper mount for my chase truck.

Here is the build and mounting locations. Click on the images for a larger view.


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