The two sides of Rockport Texas

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Took the GoPro to Rockport TX this past week and as promised, I’ve posted a video below of our short trip.

My Brother and Sis-in-law invited us down and it had been about a couple of years since we had gone – see last time here and here.

This was such a fun trip. I did take my Nikon D7000 but never took it out of the camera bag…and I’m glad I didn’t. We knew a storm was going to come in but the kiddos wanted to go fishing…and Uncle Martin was not going to disappoint.

Tuesday during the day was nice but on Wed…rough seas. But we went out anyway. Aunt Trish and Liz knew better.

I had also purchased a Bobber for my GoPro, basically a bright yellow handle that attaches to the GoPro and if I lose it overboard, it floats. Plus, knowing my brother, if he lurched the boat to one side while I was getting that “interesting shot” it would make it easier to find me since I would not let go of my toy.

I had made a DIY version but didn’t want to take a chance. Plus, I took my long “extension pole” I had purchased a while back too. Gave me some interesting shots, the Dive Housing worked out well too. Even my son said, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t bring your big camera Dad?”

Ah…my kids know me so well. 

Anyways, we had a blast (my butt did hurt for a while) and I’m glad we went out. Video cracks me up…it’s like we’re the Coast Guard or something.

Thanks for letting me share.


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Some pictures from our Rockport Tx Fishing Trip

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This was a photo I snapped just before we left on the boat to fish. I love the texture and lights.

As I had mentioned, we had a great time Bay fishing with my Brother Martin and my Sister-in-law Trish. I’m not a big sea, beach or fishing guy but my kids were really looking forward to it as was Liz.

I took my trusty NIKON D7000 with my Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 lens and shot in Aperature priorty all of the day. I wanted the nice shallow depth of field the 2.8 lens would create and to increase my shutter speed (to about 1250/second) I set my ISO down to 100. That high shutter speed was great since most of the time I was holding onto the boat with one hand, and the camera with the other while my brother raced along the Bay. The high shutter speed helped freeze the action.

It was a challenge to get the shots I wanted because “we are out fishing, not taking pictures” as my brother reminded me. But with my camera set on continuos burst mode  (6.5 shots per second) – I got a lot of good stuff. Too much as a matter of fact – about 800 photos! Which I whittled down to 250.

My Sister-in-law Trish wants some prints of my photos and I’m honored she would ask – so of course I can’t just give her what’s straight out of the camera right?

I’ve picked some photos not used in my slideshow (click here to view) to do some “creative manipulation” with some stylized filters and actions in Photoshop.

See the gallery below. You can click on images for a larger view.

Thanks for letting me share.


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Rockport TX Bay Fishing!

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My Brother and Sister-in-Law invited the Saldivar clan to go fishing in Rockport TX. I took lots of pictures and created a slideshow.

We took off late on Friday and began our fishing trip with my Brother Martin and his wonderful wife, Trish, Saturday morning at 8am!

Emmy was just beside herself, she’d never been on a boat and wanted to fish and well, Liz was just itching to get out of town. Me, well, I’m not really big on the beach, boats or fishing but it was for my kids so I took my Nikon D7000  and was eager to take pics and try out the HD video function as well.

It was so much fun! We had such a good time. We even saw Dolphins! Liz wrote about it so I’m paraphrasing below.

Emma caught a red fish, but it was too small and had to let them go. But she had fun helping her Uncle Martin catch bait fish. We moved to about three spots and had mixed luck. Finally at one of the deeper spots, Joaquin caught some other fish that we used for bait. We called it “Lucky Guts.” Well, sure enough, they got some bites…and then he got a good one.

He was reeling it in and it was strong, Uncle Martin was coaching him through it and then Uncle Martin got a look at it! “Oh Sh**” said Uncle Martin, “it’s a shark!” “What, a shark? Emma move! Come stand by me right now!!!!!”, screamed Liz. We scurried to the front of the boat as Joaquin and Uncle Martin reeled it in and it landed on the boat, flailing about. We let it flail for a bit and then they put it in the storage area, then Martin decided to poke it with the net handle and it opened its mouth and grabbed on to it! We all screamed!!!! Ok, the girls did. It wouldn’t let go of the pole. Trish was like, “Martin, that’s our new net!” Jaws gave up the fight and Martin was able to get the pole out of its mouth.

What an adventure! Trish ended up catching another shark (black tip shark) as well. All in all, it was a good trip. I can check that one off my bucket list!

Now we’ll have to google recipes on how to prepare shark!

Enjoy the video below. PS – song is Santana, Foo Foo. (I’ve had numerous people ask)

I also was having fun shooting tons of pictures. I took close to 800! But then again I did use the continuos shooting mode on my camera to “get all the action.” I finally whittled it down to 200.

And I will be posting some images soon on this blog with some creative experimentation.

What a great time.

…and yes…he is my brother!

Thanks Uncle Martin and Aunt Trish!



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It’s all downhill from here..

by on Apr.07, 2013, under Creativity, Family, Humor

Had a great birthday today.

Celebrated 50yrs of life on this earth. 

It’s been a great week. Had pre-Easter at my Brother and Sis-in-law’s ranch in Stockdale TX. Then came home on Saturday to spend Easter with my wife’s family.

Got my new drivers license renewed on Monday, had the tree in the front pruned. Then on Tues, we took off to Rockport and spent some more time with my Brother and Sis-in-Law. We went fishing and just relaxed. I took my GoPro so I’ll be posting some video soon. Was kinda wicked out on rough chop.

Got back on Thurs afternoon then fuddled around on Friday. Saturday we had my birthday dinner and Sunday…well, it was the best. See short video below. Shot it with my GoPro.

I’ve turned 50 this year and I’m just as surprised as everyone else. I’ve never thought of myself as “middle aged” but then neither to a lot of other folks. I do promise to start taking better care of myself though. I do want to make sure I am at the halfway point of my life. But it sure does give me a little aprehension though. They say it’s downhill from here…and I just feel I’ll be picking up speed.

Good think I got Elizabeth here to slow me down though. 

So, here’s to another 50…but slower.


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DIY GoPro Water handle

by on Jul.22, 2012, under Creativity, Film making, Movies, PVC

We’re getting ready for a coast trip and I want to take the GoPro Hero 2 along but if we’re gonna be out in the water, I’d hate for it to sink to the bottom of the ocean if I drop it. So, I bought a little insurance and built myself a floating handle out of my favorite stuff…PVC.

Now some of you are saying, “are you crazy?!” That won’t float.

Au contrairemon frère

See, my brother wants to take us out on his boat again and even though the last time I took my Nikon D7000, it was kinda scary at times. This is where the GoPro will come in handy and I bought the GoPro “Floaty back door” that’s supposed to float.

It’s bright orange so you can see it bopping in the water. I added a ligtweight PVC irrigation 6″ pipe with some white end caps, put a 1/4″ screw in on one cap and used the tripod mount on it as well. It should float – and don’t worry, I’ve tested it in the sink – it floats. Here’s hoping I don’t EVER have to watch in float in the ocean.  See the gallery below – click on the pictures for a larger view.

So, we may or  may not go out on the boat but I want to be ready. And I know what some of you are thinking so “NO, it’s not a pipe bomb.”




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